Ian Mayo Biography

Ian Mayo (Bassist)

Ian Mayo


  • January 14th, 1966

Birth Place

  • Rochester MN , USA



  • Burning Rain
  • Bad Moon Rising
  • Bangalore Choir
  • Hericane Alice
  • Stoned Alice

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Burning Rain

Burning Rain

in 1998, the band was formed by Doug Aldrich and Keith St John.
Ian Mayo & Alexx Macarovich (out of the band in 2001) joined the band and recorded the 1st album.
in 1999, The debut album "Burning Rain" was released, did promotional activities, and Japan Tour.
in 2000, the 2nd album "Pleasure To Burn" was released, and the debuted album was released in Europe.
in 2001, Performed at "Z Rock UK 2001", and "UltraSound 2001" in USA.
in 201?, the band will be recording their 3rd album, then...

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

in 1992, Joined BMR, Recorded the 2nd album
in 1993, Released "Blood", did promotional activities,
Released mini CD "Blood On The Streets",
"Bad Moon Rising gigs in USA", "Blood Tour in Japan"
in 1994, "Bad Moon Rising gigs in USA"
Recorded the 3rd album
in 1995, Released "Opium For The Masses", did promotional activities,
"Belligerent World Tour"
Released "Free" & did promotional activities in South Korea.
in 1998, Bad Moon Rising split-up

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